The Darkness – "Easter Is Cancelled" (Cooking Vinyl)

Easter Is Cancelled, The Darkness’ first ever concept record centered around a musician’s role in today’s society and their responsibility to challenge the establishment, is a wonderfully woven and picturesque tapestry of the game’s best guitar licks laid atop of sturdy bed of frontman Justin Hawkins’ nearly unparalleled vocal register.

The album is brilliantly bookended by true polar opposites in lead single “Rock and Roll Deserves To Die,” which finds Hawkins defiantly claim, ‘rock and roll your time has finally come, now I’m afraid you must die,’ a rather resounding return to form for the band, and the closing “We Are the Guitar Men,” which sees Hawkins flip the script with lines like ‘we are the guitar men, long live rock and roll.’ Perhaps at some point between the opening and closing tracks, the band drank their own Kool Aid and changed their mind on the future of rock and roll? Either way, I’m glad they changed their minds.

The majority of the body of Easter Is Cancelled is classic Darkness six-string wizardry bookended by Hawkins’ trademark falsetto-fueled hooks (“How Can I Lose Your Love,” “Live Til’ I Die,” “Heart Explodes,” “Easter Is Cancelled”), “Heavy Metal Lover” is delicious nod 80’s hair band sonic excess, complete with the heaviest riffs the band has ever put to wax and The Darkness goes full on ballad mode with their love song “In Another Life.”

The world of rock music is a better place when the Darkness have their guitars in hand, and if you need proof of that, go listen to Easter Is Cancelled. Chances are you’ll be better off because of it.

Go Download: “Rock and Roll Deserves To Die”