Vinnie Caruana – “Aging Frontman” (Know Hope Records)

With the sullen lines ‘unlock your tired heart, we won’t have this pain forever, just let your demons free, let the warmth wash over you,’ The Movielife frontman Vinnie Caruana embarks on perhaps his most emotional and introspective journey yet of his tenured solo career with his latest EP Aging Frontman. ‘Do I make you better?’ he stridently asks on opener “Better,” just the first of a handful of reflective tracks to come. From there, “Dying in the Living Room” delivers immersive textures awash in hazy screams, the brooding “I Love You, Please Watch Over Us” offers a brief respite from the rest of Aging Frontman via fuzzed out guitar strums, “Providence” is a slice of folksy, front porch Americana, and “Tex ‘The Rock’ Johnson” closes out Aging Frontman with some serious country western vibes. Aging Frontman finds Caruana pouring his heart onto wax for all the world to hear, which was clearly the most difficult part of the process, and all we have to do is listen, which is the easy part.         

Go Download: “Better”