NoSelf – “Human-Cyborg Relations Episode 2” (Zombie Shark Records)

From the ferocious tones of monstrous opener “Signal Flares,” NoSelf deliver a memorable performance on Human-Cyborg Relations Episode 2, a stunning new album that refreshes the nostalgic aplomb of nu-metal with a much-needed fresh coat of modern paint. Combining the caustic unpredictability of Deftones (“ratD4GG3R,” “A Dying Star”), sheer melodic chops of Linkin Park (“Master Manipulator,” “Glow”) and the bottom-heavy aggressiveness of Sevendust (“#RAGE,” “Nothing”), Human-Cyborg Relations Episode 2 is a cacophonous array of shreds, down-tuned riffs, screams and harmonic hooks. And no, you do not have to be a turn-of-the-century nu-metalhead to truly appreciate Human-Cyborg Relations Episode 2, as fans of more contemporary nu-metallers like My Ticket Home and Cane Hill will love this as well. 2019 has been a marquee year in terms of heavy music, but Human-Cyborg Relations Episode 2 is one of the most exciting releases yet.

Go Download: “Signal Flares”