Wilmette – “Anxious Body” (Mutant League Records)

Combining elements of pop-punk, power-pop, pop-core and just about every music sub-genre that contains the words ‘pop’ and ‘punk,’ Wilmette delivers a unique and memorable sonic experience on their Mutant League Records debut Anxious Body. Their raw energy explodes through your speakers on the album’s opening title track, before really rounding into form on the standout “Carol From HR,” a track sure to conjure up memories of 2009 A Day to Remember circa Homesick. “Paul Rutt” is a similar blast of early-aught exuberance, before “Where I Sleep” changes things up just a bit, embedding impassioned screams into a true powerhouse of a track. Closer “Winter Stay” brings an air of maturity to Anxious Body with sharply penned bars and dynamo hooks. You’ve heard all the expressions – always put your best foot forward, you only get one chance to make a first expression and so on and so forth – consider all of those achievements unlocked with Anxious Body.    

Go Download: “Carol From HR”