TheOceanCure – “Re:Discover”

TheOceanCure’s Re:Discover absolutely explodes with the powerful urgency of Reach-era Eyes Set To Kill on opener “Structures,” trading acerbic barbs with picture-perfect clean bars, a formula that continues to prove successful on the following “Huntress,” which finds those acerbic barbs trending even more venomous as frontwoman Pauline Taylor tips her proverbial cap to Paramore’s Hayley Williams during the track’s more serene moments. Taylor’s sparkling delivery carries much of “Crystalline,” though this time it’s the bands rhythm section of Casius Wray-Muto and Mike Di Monte that trends heavier, though screamer Wray-Muto gets his pummeling licks in towards the end of the track. “Divided” delivers everything you loved and still hold dear about the mid-aughts screamo scene, bringing all those nostalgic feels that still give us all goosebumps flooding back. Closer “Weapon” sees Taylor hitting new vocal highs, capping off a damn impressive EP. Re:Discover is an album that will remind you just why you fell in love with this type of music in the first place. And if the idea is to leave us all wanting more, kudos TheOceanCure, you succeeded in doing just that.

Go Download: “Structures”