Postcards From the Moon – “Me Without You”

I’m not saying that Postcards From The Moon are Yellowcard (that would be unfair), but it’s hard not to immediately think of the latter’s classic Ocean Avenue album as you listen to the violin-encrusted tones of “Just Make Sure You’re Happy,” the opening track of PFTM’s latest release Me Without You. The band goes right to the acoustic portion of their playbook on the following “Unbeknown,” which, again, conjures up memories of Yellowcard’s “Empty Apartment.” Speaking of plays out of the pop punk handbook, PFTM break out the piano for “Wish You The Best,” another emotional rager about the heartbreak of lost loves. “All I Really Needed” follows suit with more emotive lines to shed a tear or two too (‘I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault, I don’t want to hurt you ever again, is it wrong to say I miss you, I hope everything’s OK, I pushed you so far away,’ frontman Caleb Rangel sings) and Me Without You closes out with, what else, another sadgasm in the form of “Eighteen,” a plodding ballad full of acoustic six string plucks and lyrics lifted straight out of the last note you wrote to your crush in high school. Me Without You is more emo than pop punk, an album that would have benefitted from more tracks like its opener, and clearly more violin.

Go Download: “Just Make Sure You’re Happy”