Flaw – “Vol. IV: Because of the Brave” (Pavement)

Throughout all these years, Flaw has always been a band that has ebbed and flowed along with frontman Chris Volz. As he has endured struggle, so have they. Thankfully, both seem to be in a good place right now and as a result, we have Vol. IV: Because of the Brave, a refreshing new album that finds the band sounding the best they have in years. While Volz remains the only recognizable face from the bands heyday, this is still the same band you and I fell in love with during the height of nu-metal. The Flaw playbook hasn’t changed much after nearly two decades in the game; expect an immersive smattering of chunky, downtuned riffs paired with Volz’ dynamic ability to create pure melodic hooks while delivering devastating screams (“Persistence,” “Conquer This Climb,” “Wake Up,” “Sign Of The Times,” “On Your Feet”). And since this is a Flaw album (we all remember “Whole” and “My Letter,” right?), you can also expect an emotionally-penned ballad or two along the way (“Everything”). On Vol. IV: Because of the Brave, Volz and the rest of Flaw are as rejuvenated as ever, and we are all the benefactors.

Go Download: “Conquer This Climb”