I, Prevail – “Trauma” (Fearless Records)

Holy shit I, Prevail is not fucking around on “Bow Down,” the initial tirade off their new album Trauma. This opening shot across the bow is a pummeling, visceral monster complete with chugging riffs and guttural screams balanced by soaring clean hooks, which, as you’ll come to realize on Trauma, is just one of many plays out of I, Prevail’s playbook. “Paranoid” is a tight blast of electronica highlighted by snug rap bars, huge hooks, aggressive screams and breezy hip-hop refrains. Delaney Jane duets with frontman Brian Burkheiser on the emotionally-charged “Every Time You Leave,” a future single, though you could say that for many of these tracks. I, Prevail puts it all together on the standout track “Breaking Down,” an atmospheric blast that features, what else, massive hooks. The heavy shit returns to hit the fan on the explosive “Gasoline,” one of Trauma’s best tracks. “Hurricane” is another all-encompassing track, delivering all the best aspects of Trauma over four minutes, the aptly titled “Let Me Be Sad” continues the emotional rollercoaster down the tracks, hitting rock bottom never sounded so good as it does on “Low,” and fellow vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe breathes more fire on the venomous “Deadweight” (‘keep it up motherfucker, I’ll cut you out,’ he growls) while Burkheiser brings the melody with another impressive hook. I, Prevail throws a lot at you on Trauma, and while there are some bumps in the road along the way, the band does a great job wearing many masks.

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