Anxious Hands – "Dissociate"

Anxious Hands’ Dissociate comes on like an all-out blitz; unapologetically lambasting your speakers with a tidal wave of menacing guitars and blistering screams, led by opener “Envy.” “Red Flags,” Dissociate’s lead single, continues the album’s scorching pace while injecting a bit more melody into the mix via killer hooks. “Drifter” is everything Dissociate is capable of in just under four minutes, an easy choice for the album’s next single. The EP’s title track is a venomous affair, spewing lines like ‘there’s a distance between me and everyone I know, afraid of getting close but too scared to be alone’…‘I’m disconnected from myself, pull the plug on all my senses, I don’t want to feel anything else,’ atop a bed of swirling, chugging riffs and Every Time I Die-esque vibes. Then, finally, closer “Farewell” manages to add yet another stunning layer to Dissociate with clean harmonies. Dissociate is one hell of a handful of tracks.     

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