Cane Hill – “Kill The Sun” (Rise Records)

Cane Hill’s latest, Kill The Sun, is, admittedly, different. Just to be clear - it’s worlds apart from anything they have done in the past, something you need to know going in. To say the least, Kill The Sun is a clinic in experimentation for Cane Hill; a wonderful look into the breadth of their musical capabilities. “86d – No Escort” is serene and atmospheric with an underlying sense of danger, “Save Me” follows suit; serving as another showcase of Elijah Witt’s vocal prowess, the acoustic-leaning title track is spectacular and beautiful in avant-garde fashion, “Acid Rain” is cathartic and deeply emotional thanks to striking lines like ‘I hope that every God damn day / That the dope man comes my way’ and ‘I'm sorry I was hard to love / It wasn't you, it was the drugs.’ For as much as I love “Spit Not Chewed,” “Ugly Model Mannequin,” “Time Bomb,” “It Follows” and all of Cane Hill’s heavier output, I appreciate when a band is willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. Even if it takes a few spins of Kill The Sun to change your mind, it’s surely worth it.  

Go Download: “Save Me”