All Else Fails – “The False Sanctuary” (Suicidal Bride Records)

What do you get when you take new tracks, a handful of b-sides and a few demos, then combine onto one album? All Else Fail’s latest, The False Sanctuary, of course. Terrible puns aside, that’s what you’re getting on the Canadian outfits newest release. Opener “A Dream of Names” offers a fine look at what’s to come – powerful riffs, unrelenting drum work and a combination of guttural screams and clean tones. “Wolves” is one of The False Sanctuary’s best tracks, a true future single that could impact rock radio today. Frontman Barrett Klesko channels Corey Taylor on the sullen “Thrice Broken,” a slow burner that finds him verbally pour emotion from an open wound before the rest of the crew picks him up towards the end, coming on like a tsunami wave of sound to bring the track to a close. “The Pause” brings some hardcore punk aplomb, complete with a killer hook, “Love Is In Gloom” returns the melodic metalcore feel to The False Sanctuary – galloping leads, chunky bass, militant drumming and clean hooks, before “Bones” brings some maniacal heaviness much in the vein of Slipknot. The False Sanctuary is somewhat of a mixed bag, which is to be expected, but there is some good to be found.

Go Download: “Wolves”