Cane Hill – “Cane Hill: Live From the Bible Belt” (Rise Records)

‘We’re Cane fucking Hill, let’s get fucking violent,’ vocalist Elijah Witt proclaims as Cane Hill launches into “(The New) Jesus,” the opening Molotov cocktail on Cane Hill: Live From The Bible Belt, their first ever live album. The band pays homage to their sophomore release Too Far Gone more often than not over the course of this ten-song set (“It Follows,” “10 Cents,” “Erased” and “Too Far Gone” are chiefly among the album’s highlights), though they do their debut album Smile justice with a trio of the album’s best tracks with the afore mentioned opener “(The New) Jesus,” a murderous rendition of “Ugly Idol Mannequin” and a shit-stomping take on “Fountain of Youth.” Cane Hill: Live From The Bible Belt does a really nice job capturing the guttural, raw essence of Cane Hill, but this is just a taste of what these dudes are capable of in a live setting, which you can experience yourself on their first ever headlining tour. In the meantime, let Cane Hill: Live From The Bible Belt quench your thirst for violence.      

Go Download: “Ugly Idol Mannequin”