Roseview – “The Misery In Me” (Tragic Hero Records)

I never thought I would need help mourning the end of a tour, but after having just recently attended the last Warped Tour of my life, I feel as if I’ve been left with a gaping hole. Roseview’s The Misery In Me has helped to stitch my open wound, a brilliant slab of melodic hardcore that offers just enough nostalgic undertones of early Every Time I Die and Poison the Well to make you feel comfortable. The Misery In Me balances heavy-as-shit moments of abrasive shredding (“Retrace,” “Reach,” “Graveyard”) with gritty melody crafted into some damn fine hooks (“Leap,” “Home,” “Ghost”). Some of The Misery In Me lies somewhere in-between however; “Haze” is early-aughts melodic hardcore perfection, “Step” is an absolute monster; a speed demon that explodes with fiery speedy blast beats before downshifting into a minutes-long breakdown, “Tunnel Fire” is old school Sworn Enemy-style hardcore fire, closer “December” is all of those things encompassed in one song. If you too are a little down, whether it be from the loss of Warped Tour or something else entirely, let Roseview’s The Misery In Me be a warm hug or comfy blanket. Trust me, it works.

Go Download: “Reach”