Kill No Albatross – Speak True Evil

Wasting no time on “Seven Tools,” the opening track off their latest EP Speak True Evil, Kill No Albatross dive right into chiptune guitar leads, complex time signatures and animated percussion. Hey, we get it – the EP is only four tracks and only 15 minutes long, so there isn’t really a second to waste here. Speak True Evil combines alt-metal, prog and mathcore, fronted by vocalist Kyle Collins, who closely resembles former Systematic and current The Watchers vocalist Tim Narducci. “Apex Predator” takes a more straight forward approach, buoyed by the album’s strongest hook, the mild-mannered “Sky on Fire” devolves into maniacal screams from Collins, and closer “Void” delivers a healthy dose of prog amidst Collins’ most memorable vocal performance. Speak True Evil goes by quick, but it leaves a lasting mark.

Go Download: “Seven Tools”