Various Artists – “Tracks You Might Have Missed V3” (Thumbhole Records)

When it comes to Thumbhole Records’ Tracks You Might Have Missed V3, the bottom line is, it’s 24 tracks long, so listener fatigue is going to exist. Granted, if you’re going to listen to a lengthy compilation record, Tracks You Might Have Missed V3 is a quality choice because these are all underground bands you’ve most likely never heard of, so this is a great opportunity to expand your sonic horizons.

From the female front hard alt-rock of Scotland’s Altered Sky (“Stupid In The Dark”) to the bouncy ska sounds of Victory Kid (“My World”), chances are Tracks You Might Have Missed V3 has a little bit of everything for everyone. Sorry Mom brings a polished punk-pop sound akin to Trophy Eyes and A Day To Remember, complete with some aggro vocals and a killer guitar solo on “Rupture,” Shark Bait brings all of the snarling punk intensity of Zebrahead on “Please Guy,” Carry the Crown deliver perhaps the most refined rock work of Tracks You Might Have Missed V3 (“Fire”), Shackleford channel a little Let It Enfold You-era Senses Fail on “Dopamine,” Bare Teeth gets offensively, and very necessarily, heavy on the thumping “Parted Ways,” strong female vocals returns on As Everything Unfold’s crushing “Centuries,” and Realms delivers one last dose of battering heaviness on “Painted Demons.”  

Seriously though - metal, punk, pop, acoustic, emo, hardcore, pop-punk - Tracks You Might Have Missed V3 offers something for everyone. Who knows, your new favorite band might be on this record. It’s long but chances are you’ll find something to like here.

Go Download: Sorry Mom – “Rupture”