Light This City – “Terminal Bloom” (Creator-Destructor Records)

Taking a page from the Swedish melodic death metal scene, Terminal Bloom, the first release from recently resurrected Light This City in nearly a decade, is a crushing return to form for the Bay City metal outfit. Led by an absolute barrage from guitar tandem Steve Hoffman and Ryan Hansen and a frenzied vocal beatdown from frontwoman Laura Nichol, Light This City wastes little time on opener “Reality In Disarray” getting back to doing what they know how to do best – fucking shred. From there it’s best to break out the thesaurus because Terminal Bloom is all the adjectives (“A Grotesque Reflection” and “Dormant Tide” are straight up juggernauts highlighted by galloping leads, the title track is old school stomping thrash, “Agents Of Fate” features all of the best things about Terminal Bloom rolled into one song, “The Wake Of My Will” houses arguably the albums strongest guitar work (don’t miss that solo, damn), “Wildheart” is a blitzing metal anthem, a perfect way to close Terminal Bloom). To surmise Terminal Bloom, let us go back to the well – IT FUCKING SHREDS – and that’s really all you need to know about it. Welcome back Light This City.

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