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Various Artists – “Tracks You Might Have Missed V3” (Thumbhole Records)

Light This City – “Terminal Bloom” (Creator-Destructor Records)

When It Comes To Royal Psalms, They “Could Have Been Anything”

William Ryan Key – “Thirteen” (The Lone Tree Recordings)

Society’s Plague – “Call to the Void” (Eclipse Records)

Right On, Kid! – “Forever Missing Out” (Manic Kat Records)

Vendetta Red – “Quinceañera” (Cleopatra Records)

Underoath – “Erase Me” (Fearless Records)

Divided Minds – “Mood Swings” (We Are Triumphant)

Zero Theorem - Ataraxis (Shim Sham, LLC)

Dearist – “Sonder” (Spartan Records)