Skarlett Riot – “Regenerate” (Despotz Records)

Even though they’re more New Year’s Day and In This Moment than Paramore, Skarlett Riot takes the best plays from each of their respective playbooks and employs them in memorable fashion on “Regenerate,” the band’s first full length since 2013’s “Tear Me Down.”

Dark melodies, galloping guitar leads, immense hooks that will easily get stuck in your craw, the gangs all here on “Regenerate.” Frontwoman Skarlett proves to be a shining star right off the rip on opener “Break,” a powerful introductory track that should please fans of Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine, chugging riffs persist on the absolutely explosive “Closer,” things get a touch personal and a lot vindictive on “Stand Alone” as Skarlett directs her spiteful barbs at one unfortunate soul who done her wrong (‘Now all I know is pain and anger, how you left me here lying dead…I hope you choke, I hope you scream, I’ll make you pay, why can’t you see, you better keep your distance, stay away from me’), “Calling” layers the gothic atmospherics on thick with Skarlett’s undeniable vocal range taking center stage, “Affliction” houses one of the more truly commanding hooks on the album, “Outcast” is a straight up riff-fest accented by some pretty striking melodies, “Paralyzed” takes “Regenerate” up a notch by quickening the pace and “The Storm” keeps the blood pumping furiously as the record reaches its final crescendo. Closer “Warrior” is an empowering anthem with equally empowering bars (‘I’m stronger than before, I’m not afraid, to face the enemies, I’m not afraid, to face the world alone’), wrapping “Regenerate” up just as strongly as it started.

“Regenerate” is an impressive heavy record; from one crushing riff after another and penetrating double bass blasts to inescapable melodies. This record finds Skarlett Riot firing on all cylinders. 

Go Download: "Stand Alone"