Counterpoint – “If Not Now, When?”

While such statements are typically reserved for the end of the review, in the case of Counterpoint’s debut EP If Not Now, When?, it needs to be said off the top – this is one hell of an impressive debut. While only a five song clip, Counterpoint rattle off one powerful rock anthem after another on If Not Now, When?, an album that bears multiple spins. The polished UK products sound well beyond their years (thanks in large to Bullet for My Valentine producer Jim Pinder) on If Not Now, When? (swirling guitars litter towering single “Leave It All Behind,” a fiery two-minute blast of alt-rock, “Honestly” is picture perfect thanks to absolutely soaring hooks and wonderful structures, “Between You And Me” is an explosive track that could have found a home on Story of the Year’s Page Avenue, “DownDownDown” sounds like the next coming of the Lostprophets, a brilliantly crafted single-in-waiting that’s ready for radio, closer “One Sided Conversations emulates BoySetsFire with plenty of anthemic ‘woah-ohs’ to go around). It bears repeating – this is an impressive debut, probably one of the more promising you’ll hear anytime soon. Thanks to If Not Now, When?, Counterpoint bear watching.  

Go Download: “Honestly”