Arborview – “Through This Storm” (We Are Triumphant)

The snow is melting and the temperatures outside are rising, so you know what that means – it’s almost pop-punk season, aka summer. And while we’re still a ways away from cruising down the highway with the windows fully rolled down (do people actually roll down windows anymore?), it’s never too early for a good pop-punk record, so enter Arborview and their latest EP Through This Storm.  

Through This Storm navigates through all of the prototypical pop-punk themes - broken relationships, heartache and lost love, bursting onto your speakers with all of the youthful exuberance of All Time Low’s Put Up Or Shut Up with the punchy “Stormy Weather,” after the bizarre phone conversation track that is nominal opener “Scotty Goes To The Studio” (while it’s probably been said at some point in time, ‘it’s you and me vs. this town’ is such a great line).

“Corner Of East And Marsh” finds the band scorned (‘Don’t you know that you’re the reason that I cannot fucking sleep at night, so I guess I’ll sleep alone’), Arborview let it all hang out on “Rise Up,” by and away Through This Storm’s heaviest track, via a bevy of driving hooks and heavy riffing, and kudos to Arborview for not shoehorning a ballad into the mix, opting instead to end the EP in energetic and electric aplomb on closer “This Story’s Over,” a hopeful track about trying to pick yourself up and dust yourself off (‘Lately I’ve been feeling kinda low / I’ve gotta pick myself up, I just wait there for your call, come find me…I’m so sick of feeling like pages that are ripped, this story’s over, I think it’s time that we rewrite this again’).

Through This Storm is an engaging listen. Just press play and let Arborview do all of the work. 

Go Download: “Rise Up”