Bleacher Days – “I Only Saw True Purpose”

Pop punk is truly a transformative genre. Regardless of the time of year, its sunny vibes and breezy melodies possess an innate ability to teleport you to the dead of summer with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair. Case in point – Bleacher Days latest EP I Only Saw True Purpose, a six-song salute to summer, even though it was released in December.

Driving riffs, bouncy percussion and unavoidable hooks take hold immediately at the outset of I Only Saw True Purpose, with the opening one-two combo of “Once Again” and “Losing Patience,” before tossing Trophy Wives’ Chris Piquette deep in the cut on the aptly titled “All Out War,” the album’s heaviest entry, which takes I Only Saw True Purpose straight to the next level thanks to the memorable vocal dynamic of Piquette and Bleacher Days’ Wren Mohammed. ‘Don’t say that this is love when I’m fighting an all-out war,’ they scream during the tracks bridge. Mohammed wears his heart on his sleeve during the delicate acoustics of “Demons,” a well-placed break from the rest of I Only Saw True Purpose. From there, it’s right back into the pop-punk fire with the nostalgic “Some Strain Of You” (‘You’ve become another substance that I abuse…Every dream I’ve ever had was laced with some strain of you’) and the best of I Only Saw True Purpose comes in the form of its closing track, “Low Eyes, Low Lives,” a short and sharp blast of all there is to love about the pop-punk genre.            

Give I Only Saw True Purpose a few spins (it’s only six songs) and then go ahead and slot this EP in behind all of your Neck Deep and The Story So Far albums on Spotify. Your playlist will be better for it.

Go Download: "All Out War"