Left Behind – “Blessed By the Burn” (Unbeaten Records)

Left Behind’s latest, Blessed By the Burn, should come equipped with a warning label that reads ‘May Cause Neck Damage,’ because the headbanging threat level is severe. Actually, it’s off the freaking chart. From the initial crushing onslaught of opener “West By God,” Blessed By the Burn is a bleak and barren wasteland of pummeling riffs and venomous barks (“Sweetness of Nothing” is thick slab of heavy, fuzzed out guitars and lead-throated screams, “Focus on the Flesh” picks up the pace somewhat, but it’s still a shredding riff-fest with some of the album’s best guitar work, “Tough Love” can only be described as truly menacing, “Early Mourning” is an intimidating juggernaut and perhaps Blessed By the Burn’s most badass offering, “Paranoid” is loud, stomping and relentless). Blessed By the Burn never fades nor slows, as Left Behind keeps a knife to your throat and their foot on the gas the entire way through, spewing hatred and bile through the waning seconds of the closing “Burn Out.” Make sure you strap in and put your big boy pants on, because Blessed By the Burn is a chaotic ride.

Go Download: “Tough Love”