I Prevail Fires on All Cylinders In Niagara Falls

Photo courtesy of I Prevail (https://www.facebook.com/IPrevailBand)
I Prevail came out swinging Monday night to a crowd that was just as energized as the band. Making sure the crowd was ready for a heavy hitting set list, “Come and Get It” would set the chaotic mood for the rest of the set.

Confetti cannons, smoke, and strobes were sure to keep the rowdy crowd moving. When the blinding lights finally settled it revealed a classic WWE themed stage. The drum kit was placed in the middle of a replica ring and everything. Throughout the show they kept the energy level top notch by playing a couple covers such as the brutal breakdown section of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and even Lil Jon’s “Get Low.” The lack of clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser due to injury didn’t hold them back from flawlessly performing each song thanks to guitarist Dylan Bowman crushing it on cleans all show.

The band would close the set with “Scars” but that wouldn’t be enough for the fans. Quickly the “Encore!” chants started and did not stop until the crowd got what they wanted. The band didn’t hesitate to charge back onstage with a crowd favorite “Lifelines.” It was like the crowd had a full on refuel of energy pits opened back up, people jumped and screamed every lyric at the top of their lungs.

It was amazing to see such a young band make it look like they were in the same class as the 10+ year veteran bands they shared the stage with that night. Impressive would be an understatement.

By: Dan Lohr