I, The Dreamer – “Shadow Hearts” (Standby Records)

I, The Dreamer manage to be infectiously melodic without sacrificing their metallic thump, trading off chugging leads for soaring electronica-spattered hooks, much in the same vein as Sleeping with Sirens and I Prevail, on their latest, Shadow Hearts. Blistering guitar work and scorching vocals litter opener “Rise,” complete with stirring melodies and a killer breakdown, metalcore mostly takes a backseat to post-hardcore on the melodic “Echoes,” “Fearless” dissolves into an array of discordant screams and shredding riffs and standout track “The Black and White of Sleepless Nights” showcases I, The Dreamer’s innate ability to croon just as well as they crush. Shadow Hearts isn’t anything you haven’t heard before, but I, The Dreamer do what they do very well, so this EP should easily find a home in your playlist.

Go Download: “The Black and White of Sleepless Nights”