Album Review: Sink In – “Ordinary People. Extraordinary Things” (Standby Records)

Opening with Jimmy V.’s now iconic ESPY Awards speech (“O.P.E.T.”), it’s hard to be anything other than inspired going into Sink In’s Ordinary People. Extraordinary Things. The band keeps that optimistic vibe going via a slew of upbeat pop rock entries bursting with bouncy rhythms and attractive melodies (“Higher,” “Get Out!,” “Absolute”), before the dance floor ready, synth-drenched “On the Radio,” featuring DAVII, provides a break from the standard fare of Ordinary People. Extraordinary Things, albeit not a very welcomed one. The quasi-spoken word “Tell the Kids” is a heartbreaking affair about a drug-addled mother who abandons her family, “Here & Now” is an emotive effort in nostalgia (frontman Tighe Eshleman simply asks ‘do you remember when?”) and bonus tracks “Wither,” one of Ordinary People. Extraordinary Things’ more powerful anthems, and “Castaway,” about as catchy as the album gets, round things out in memorable fashion. Ordinary People. Extraordinary Things is palpable and well written, two adjectives most often used to describe good albums, which this is.        

Go Download: “Wither”