CD Review: FOREVERANDNEVER – “Promises”

There’s something tangibly nostalgic about FOREVERANDNEVER’s new three-song set Promises, a welcoming feel that immediately envelops the listener. Raw emotion pours from each note of the sprawling opener “Promises” with passionately woven bars like ‘I'm sick and tired of all / The fights / The screams now become so quiet / I can't hear you now / Was everything perfect here for you? / Mouth like a storm, you're pale blue,’ before FOREVERANDNEVER shifts gears and put their foot on the gas for the thunderous “Like Wolves,” which pairs deafening cymbal crashes with tormented vocals and churning guitars. But not to be outdone, Promises saves perhaps the best for last in the roiling “One With The Night,” a nod to latter day Brand New that breaks down into a turbulent sea of guitars and drums. Maybe it’s the fact that Promises sounds like it should have been released 10 or 15 years ago. Or maybe it’s the fact that this is just a very good EP. It’s hard to pinpoint but the latter seems right.

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