Album Review: The Nightmare Police – “Losing The Light”

Harkening back to the early days of Bayside, The Nightmare Police’s gruff new EP Losing The Light revives that early emo sound that we all know and love. Two-fifths of Losing The Light brings to mind the raw emotion of Alkaline Trio and Jimmy Eat World (“Medicine Cabinet” is straight ahead alt-rock with memorable hooks, “Whoa” is instantly infectious thanks to contagious melodies and more than enough ‘woah-oh’s’ to sink your teeth into), while the other 60 percent emotes the passion of that afore mentioned early emo era (gravel-throated screams lace opener “Taking Hold,” which plays like a sonic time machine, “Transitions” is a curt blast of top notch pop-punk, “Where Were You?” features passionate wails and upbeat measures). Rest assured, Losing The Light plays well in today’s modern landscape – it isn’t merely an effort in nostalgia.

Go Download: “Transitions”