Album Review: Maypine – “In The Back Of My Mind” (Disconnect Disconnect Records)

There’s nothing inherently bad about Maypine’s new EP In The Back Of My Mind or any real fault to be found throughout its five tracks. This UK product plays pop-punk and they do it pretty well. The problem is, that can be said about a lot of other bands as well. Openers “A Little Sooner” and “North South Divide” radiate sunny vibes with bouncy cadences and energetic rhythms, calling to mind Warped Tour parking lots and the summer nights driving with the windows down, “Inside Out” provides a highlight thanks to a killer breakdown, acoustic tear-jerker “Never Far Apart” is an instant standout with a Dashboard Confessional-meets-Brand New aesthetic and In The Back Of My Mind ends with another accessible pop-punk anthem in “Day After Day.” Don’t expect a reinvention of the wheel on In The Back Of My Mind, but its quality pop-punk nonetheless.

Go Download: “Inside Out”