Album Review: KillSET – “S.T.F.U.”

It’s no secret that nu-metal died a long time ago. But apparently no one told KillSET. Even though the much-maligned genre has become a punchline and the butt of many jokes nowadays, this rock outfit is helping to lead the charge of a mini-nu-metal revolution. While their latest, S.T.F.U. gets off to a slow start (opener “Get Up” is worth four minutes of your time), it picks up steam as it rolls on “Tomorrow,” a destructive force of rap metal verses and stomping screams. KillSET transform the innocent and breezy early-90’s R&B vibe of Kris Kross’ “Jump” into something intrinsically dangerous, vocalist Luca shines on “How Dare You” and “Animal,” showcasing his full arsenal, from lofty melodies and rap interludes to aggressive outbursts, token ballad “Not A Love Song” provides a late highlight and closer “Don’t Let Me Die” is an explosive smattering of guitars, deep bass lines and intense vocals. There’s some bumps along the way on S.T.F.U. but there’s some good to be found here if you’re willing to look for it.  

Go Download: “Tomorrow”