Album Review: Conveyer – “No Future” (Victory Records)

On their latest album No Future, Conveyer deliver track after track of piledriving melodic hardcore, the type which should satiate longtime fans of Victory Records. Maddening screams, punishing riffs, bleak breakdowns and hefty percussion dot the landscape of No Future (“Dust” is a quick, appetizing blast of urgent galloping leads, frontman Danny Adams delivers relatable and emotional bars like ‘It took this long to figure out / How you stole my confidence / Everyday I’m reminded of how I never truly felt never good enough for someone else’ on the standout “The Whetstone,” “New Low” is perhaps as well rounded as the album comes (though “Carrier” is a close second), “Disgrace” is crushing and pit-inducing). No Future hits its stride with “Levity,” which adds some staunch melodic hooks to the mix and the unforgiving title track, which houses razor sharp riffs and truly killer breakdowns. The record tends to fade at times with the tracks becoming too same-sounding, but No Future is passionately penned enough to overcome some of it pratfalls.

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