CD Review: Kill the Clock – “Southgate”

Combining the infectious swag of new school pop-punk with the angst and grit of mid-90’s punk, Buffalo’s Kill the Clock impress on their far-too-brief new EP, Southgate. Because at only three tracks, that might be the EP’s only downfall. Opener “Ode to Cheating Death” pairs punchy guitars, bouncy hooks and anxious lines, “Withered” offers a tip of the cap to The Starting Line and Kill the Clock even save their best for last on Southgate. Instead of recapping a conversation between Matilda, Hansel and Derek about their all-night freak fest (seriously people, watch Zoolander), “Earth To Matilda” is a vitriolic spitefest lined with vicious bars centered around a poor lass named Matilda (‘I hope you take the hint and grow the fuck up / Count to ten and run away / As I start a fire / At the end of this rope / Leading to the gas tank of your car / I hope you’re in the front seat putting your makeup on / When the flame ignites the engine and you / Watch your life flash before your eyes / In the mirror as a I blow a kiss goodbye). Just like these songs themselves, Southgate is raw, unapologetic and straight to the point.

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