CD Review: Vanish – “From Sheep To Wolves” (Outerloop Records)

There’s some My Chemical Romance The Black Parade theatrics on “From Sheep To Wolves,” the opening title track off of Vanish’s latest EP, no small coincidence since the band too hail from New Jersey, thanks to some operatic ‘woah-ohs’ and key piano work. Devastating vocal refrains coexist with sparkling melodies and ominous tones on “Only In My Head,” Vanish launches into full-on post-hardcore mode on the soaring “Stromalong Harbor” and keep that switch flipped on the explosive “Dead.” And if that all weren’t enough, Ice Nine Kills’ Spencer Charnas delivers one of the highlight moments of From Sheep To Wolves when he drops by on the closing “Paper House,” upping the decibel level alongside Vanish frontman Patrick Hamilton. From Sheep To Wolves could have benefitted from a few more outings like the crushing “Heaven Sent // Hell Bound,” the albums heaviest track and one in which Hamilton truly shines behind the mic, however. At 27 minutes, From Sheep To Wolves is certainly an adventurous EP, but there’s a lot to like here.

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