CD Review: Ten Cents Short – “Major Steps, Minor Setbacks”

Like an extra shot of espresso in your caramel macchiato, Ten Cents Short deliver a concentrated dose of potent pop-punk straight to the heart on their sophomore EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks. From caffeinated guitars blasts to exuberant call-and-response vocals, the EP clearly benefits from the production touches of Four Year Strong’s Alan Day (“Draw the Line,” “Setback”), leading to more than one highlight reel worthy track along the way. “Beggars” is one such instance thanks to well-written stanzas and infectious melodies, as is closer “Make It,” which sees the band coming to grips with a love gone sour (‘I’m better on my own / I think I’m better off alone,’ the band laments). Major Steps, Minor Setbacks is good, bouncy, pop-punk fun, and at only 5 tracks in length, the replay value is strong with this album.  

Grade: B-

Go Download: “Beggars”