CD Review: Lions Lions – “Monument”

Putting their best foot forward on “Circles,” the opening track isn’t the last time the word memorable can be used to describe Lions Lions’ latest entry Monument (“Standby” is a potent mix of stellar vocal work and badass guitar riffs, “Bliss” is immaculate thanks to perfect hooks and inescapable melodies, good luck getting “I’m Not Afraid” out of your head after Monument concludes,  frontman Joshua Herzer soars to new heights on the standout “Between Us,” Lions Lions play their post-hardcore card on “The Bridge”). And all of that comes before perhaps Monument’ best track “Sleepwalking” hits your headphones, which sees Herzer showcasing his veritable range, going from silky smooth tones to a lofty falsetto in mere seconds. After you spend some time with Monument, you’ll be left scratching your head as to how Lions Lions do not have a record deal. These Boston products remain one of music’s best kept secrets, but you can unlock that secret with Monument, one of this year’s best releases to date.

Grade: A

Go Download: “Sleepwalking”