CD Review: Kingdom Of Giants – “All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare” (InVogue Records)

Kingdom of Giants deliver a mostly immersive experience on their latest, All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare, an engulfing array of progressive metalcore packed to the gills with strident djent riffs that repeatedly build and crest before crashing down with incredible force; a potent dynamism guided by frontman Dana Willax’s effortless gritty-then-melodic-and-back-again delivery (“Cash Out,” “Damaged Goods,” “Bored To Death,” “Speakeasy”). A trio of guest spots help to buoy All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare, as ERRA’s JT Cavy brings some true heaviness to “Tunnel Vision,” the bleak as shit “Lost Cause” features Daniel Gailey from Phinehas swaddling austere lines like ‘there was never a time that I prayed in church, and now I find myself praying for the whole fucking world’ in swaths of memorable guitar licks, and Caitlyn Mae offers a soft touch on “Gray Area,” ending the record on a serene yet somber tone. It’s clear that Kingdom Of Giants refuse to be sonically typecast, and with All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare they manage to stand out from most of their like-sounding brethren.

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Damaged Goods”