CD Review: Tuxedo – “Tuxedo II” (Stones Throw Records)

Mothers hide your daughters and brothers hide your sisters because Tuxedo (the joint project between Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne) is back with Tuxedo II, a full-on onslaught of the senses – 11 boudoir anthems that will have you dancing in the streets and between the sheets. Returning all three tracks from their Fux with the Tux EP (“Fux with the Tux” has so much swagger it could make Bruno Mars jealous, “Special” ebbs and flows thanks to monolithic synth and stimulating work by Tuxedo’s rhythm section and closer “July” slows things down with deep bass notes, striking vocal harmonies and engulfing atmospherics), Tuxedo II lights up the dance floor on countless occasions (“2nd Time Around” is silky smooth and endlessly infectious thanks to inescapable hooks, “Take A Picture” is unadulterated 70’s R&B euphoria led by chunky bass and sparkling arrangements, the debonair “Shine” introduces a sexy female vocal component, “Back In Town” is a nice nod to Morris Day & The Time). Hell, Tuxedo even shines sans vocals on the instrumental “Scooter’s Groove.” It’s time to don your Sunday best because Tuxedo II is going to make you move one way or another, so you better make sure your wardrobe is breathable.

Grade: A-

Go Download: “2nd Time Around”