CD Review: Dozer TX – “Centerpiece”

Like a red wine left to breathe after its uncorked, or starting your car to let it warm up in winter, Dozer TX’s Centerpiece EP takes a few songs to get going. The album takes off with the emotional title track, which finds the band shedding most of their paint-by-numbers pop-punk leanings for painstaking screams. From there, Dozer TX keeps the pedal to the floor on the frantic “Leech,” where you’ll find Centerpiece’s best guitar work, especially the tomahawking riff two minutes in and finally puts it all together on “Breathe Deep” (‘I’m a void so avoid me’ the band toxically spews) before morphing into The Starting Line on endearing acoustic finisher “Kyfms,” which showcases an entirely different side of the band. Centerpiece requires a bit of digging, but if you’re willing to put in some legwork, you’ll unearth some discoveries that will make it worth your while.      

Grade: C

Go Download: “Leech”