CD Review: Convulsions – “Culture Shock” (Imminence Records)

Convulsions’ Culture Shock is a corrosive wasteland of noise; a caustic arena littered with landmines of titanic riffs and destructive vocals (“Product Of The Lost” featuring Davis Rider (Immortalist), “Scum Staunch” featuring Jordan LeGore of KING). Culture Shock  is bookended by its too best offerings – opener “Intolerance” melds shattering guitar work with scathing discharges, while the closing title track injects a shot of epinephrine directly into the heart of Culture Shock, coming out like runaway freight train before devolving into a breakdown battlefield filled with juicy djent riffing. But while the EP both starts off and finishes strong, it wanders too deep into the sonic wilderness during its middle portion, causing listeners to easily get lost along the way. With Culture Shock, it’s not just about how you start or how you finish, it’s actually both. Just make sure you can find your way out in the end.    

Grade: C+

Go Download: “Intolerance”