CD Review: Black Map – “In Droves” (eOne)

Black Map’s In Droves falls somewhere between Deftones’ White Pony and A Perfect Circle’s Mer de Noms on the stylistic spectrum; 15 tracks of towering atmospheric rock from guys who know the genre inside and out thanks to their impressive collective resume (former dredg guitarist Mark Engles, ex-dredg/The Trophy Fire singer/bassist Ben Flanagan and former †††/Far drummer Chris Robyn). “Run Rabbit Run” and “Ruin” are massive affairs overflowing with churning guitar work and complex melodies, “Foxglove” is pure dredg El Cielo bliss and the absolutely stunning composition “Octavia” is the best song not on Thrice’s Vheissu. Unfortunately for In Droves, the album is so expansive that fatigue sets in down the stretch, causing the album’s latter half to fade into relative oblivion, until parting shot “Coma Phase” shocks listeners out of their aural coma with temperamental vocals, towering hooks and angular riffs. As they say, always save the best for last and always go out on a high note, both of which In Droves succeeds in doing.       

Grade: B-

Go Download: “Octavia”