CD Review: Redeem/Revive – “Free Minds” (Stay Sick Recordings)

While it’s a post-hardcore record with a metalcore heart, Redeem/Revive’s debut full length Free Minds is much more than a combination of chugging verses and melodic hooks, although the band executes such pageantry pretty damn well (“Revive,” “Omen,” “All I’ve Done,” “Prelude”). Free Minds is so much more than mere pomp and circumstance (“Call To Arms” adds an ‘ohs and ahs’ call and response dynamic  to the successful sonic formula, Redeem/Revive ascends to new post-hardcore heights on the soaring “Live This Way,” “Burn” is a sleek banger that has potential hit written all over it, Top-40 alt-rocker “Forty-Nine Thirty” is a stylistically stunning departure from the rest of Free Minds, making for a truly memorable moment). Heavy, passionate, impressive, Free Minds ticks all the proverbial boxes.

Grade: B+

Go Download: “All I’ve Done”