CD Review: Light the Way – “Grace” (Indie Vision Music)

With a sonic tip of the cap to pop-punk forefathers New Found Glory and Yellowcard, California’s own Light the Way sound as sunny as their West Coast home, giving off breezy vibes and nostalgic feels on their debut EP, Grace. Light the Way go all “Ocean Avenue” on inspirational opener “Note To Self,” the succinct “Black Waves” sounds like a lost b-side from Sticks and Stones, powerful anthem “BRKN” is the best of the bunch thanks to flawless hooks and exceptional melodies and “I’m Sorry” is perhaps Grace’s most all-around pop-punk effort. Capped off with a pair of acoustic entries, the vulnerable and emotional sing-a-long “Scatterbrained” and an unplugged version of “Note To Self,” Grace is a fun and memorable listen that’s easily digestible (and certainly replay worthy), which just might be its strongest quality. 

Grade: B-

Go Download: “BRKN”