CD Review: Curses – “Chapter 1: Introspect” (Imminence Records)

Just as a precaution, it should be stated that listening to Curses’ Chapter 1: Introspect may cause injury, especially to your neck. From the stilted staccato chugs of “Death Addler,” Chapter 1: Introspect is a sonic tidal wave with a melodic crest, one that consistently crashes with devastating force. The vocal duo of Brandon Castro and Eli Fry offer up a balanced mix of malicious wails and pure tones, providing a dynamic complement to the endless string of ear-shattering breakdowns, crushing riffs and sparkling hooks that make up Chapter 1: Introspect (“The Abandoned,” “Outlast,” “Miss Misery,” “The Lowest Level Of Loyalty,” “Ghost 40”). Periphery's Spencer Sotelo also provides a memorable moment when he drops in on “Fortune Collapse” to trade some venomous barbs. If you have to immediately seek the council of your nearest chiropractor after listening to Chapter I: Introspect, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Grade: B+

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