CD Review: Acadia – “InFocus”

Acadia’s debut EP InFocus plays out like a classic motion picture - building as times goes by to an ultimate crescendo at the climax, which InFocus does with its final two tracks (but more on that later). “Victory” and “Casablanca” set the table, introducing listeners to soaring, anthemic choruses, raw passion and heartfelt vocals from frontman Jameson Trudel, a formula that permeates everything to come. “Balance” is energetic and catchy and “Silence” offers up a contemplative period (just like an good indie flick) for InFocus; an emotionally-infused ballad that finds the band reflecting on lost love (“I wish I could hold you tight / I wish that we could have just one more night / I'd do anything for another chance…I visited you today / Touched the granite on your grave / You wanted me to move on / But I don’t know how to,” Trudel wails), while also serving as the calm before the album’s climactic storm. Like Pacific’s Jordan Black lends a hand on the sentimental “Pawtucket Street,” which features the albums best hook and Matty Arsenault delivers the goods on the closing “Radiant,” which serves as InFocus’ lead single for a reason. InFocus is rare in that it gets better with each passing track, something most bands could only hope for.

Grade: B

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