CD Review: Closer to Found – “Always Just As Lost”

Duel vocals have become somewhat of a lost art nowadays, especially in metal acts, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask. In the case of Closer to Found, their duel vocal blitz on Always Just As Lost is an advantage above all else. In fact, the vocal aesthetic throughout is often stunning, as showcased on opener “Listen Close And You Hear The Ocean.” Beyond that, the driving “Remember When” navigates peaks and valleys of extra chunky riffs and throat-shredding barks, “Anyone Can Wear a Crown” wades into the djent end of the pool, “Hanging On a Hook” offers the albums best guitar work, “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire” allows Closer To Found’s clean vocals to flex their muscles, though the guttural stuff prevails on the following “A Shot To The Vain.” Stone cold killer “Closing Night Arson” encapsulates Always Just As Lost in a matter of four minutes – flawless vocal interplay, melodic hooks that jump off the record and guitar-driven breakdowns. Lucid opus “Ashes” closes out Always Just As Lost, and although it’s translucent alt-rock overtones could have served as a much needed change of pace earlier in the tracklist, it still stands as one of the record’s best moments. Thankfully for Closer to Found, Always Just As Lost doesn’t have a chance to fade (10 tracks and 38 minutes never hurts), which amps up the replay value some.  

Grade: B-

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