CD Review: Whores – “Gold” (eOne)

From its opening dissonant low end rumblings, Gold, the latest from Atlanta noisemakers Whores, churns like a sonic Jackson Pollock; an exasperating smattering of all things noise, from spastic, drubbing percussion and discordant riff barrages to maddening vocal refrains, shrouded in a thick fog of haze and reverb (“Playing Poor,” “Baby Teeth,” “Participation Trophy,” “Ghost Trash,” “I See You Are Also Wearing A Black Tee Shirt”). There’s mountainous Mastodon-esque guitar work to be found on the towering one-two punch of “Charlie Chaplin Routine” and “Of Course You Do,” while vitriolic closer “I Have A Prepared Statement” puts a caustic pin in Gold pretty nicely. Suffice to say, Gold is one hell of an exhausting joyride from start to finish, one that doesn’t let up from the word go.   

Grade: B

Go Download: “Charlie Chaplin Routine”