CD Review: State of Mine – “Devil In Disguise”

While at first glance it might be easy to delineate State of Mine’s Devil In Disguise by its most recognizable track, a truly epic spot-on reimagining of Katy Perry’s Olympic anthem “Rise” for metalheads, this striking EP shouldn’t be defined simply as such. The bands Five Finger Death Punch-meets-Signs of Betrayal dynamic is nothing short of polarizing, a pure sonic meld of stunning melodically-charged hooks, aggressively tempered vocals and chugging riffs (“Curtain Call” is as catchy as it is crushing, standout “Waste of Time” is quite the towering affair, vocalist Steven Jodway breathes fire on nu-metal ode “Stones,” State Of Mine flex their emotional muscle on sole ballad “Undertow”). While its one track too long (don’t bother with unnecessary and frivolous closer “Broke By Monday”), Devil In Disguise is a brilliant primer to State of Mine, a band that probably won’t be unsigned for too much longer after this EP.    

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Waste of Time”