CD Review: Despite – “Synergi” (Eclipse Records)

Razor sharp riffs, technically precise structures and shattering, complex stratospheres comprise the crux of Synergi, the latest overture from Swedish exports Despite.  Synergi is a clinic in melodic modern metal, an unrelenting juggernaut that impacts like a tsunami wave thanks, in large part, to the bands grinding, drop-tuned triple guitar frenzy, as well as the salient vocal shamanism of Peter Tuthill (“As You Bleed,” “Give Me Life,” “Sanctum Falls,” “Synergi,” “Square Zero”). Synergi is far more than mere guitar-driven pomp however as they time and time again deliver on the melodic portion of their melodic metal billing (“The Perpetual Wakening” melds chugging, staccato bursts and striking melodic hooks, the stunning “Time Lapse” sounds like a can’t miss hit, “Chaos Trigger” manages to somehow be both categorically crushing and wholly atmospheric). If you’re already bumping fellow countrymen In Flames and Soilwork, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t already be listening to Despite’s Synergi. Be warned though, keep a little in the tank because your neck might hurt from incessant headbanging come record’s end. Just keep that in mind.

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Time Lapse”