CD Review: Decipher – “Blame Yourself”

U.K. noise merchants Decipher take the post out of post-hardcore on their new EP Blame Yourself, opting for a sound much closer to the far heavier side of the sonic spectrum. There is certainly some discernible Refused influence woven into these pissy refrains, comprised of cascading and crashing guitars that provide a scenic backdrop for Calum Stone’s gritty and grimy vocals (“Shadows,” “Without You”). “What Strength I Have Left” allows a bit of light to seep into the darkness courtesy of genre standards like soaring hooks, melodious riffing and painstaking lines like ‘You’ve made your bed / Now sleep in it with him,’ though despite the brief respite, Decipher gets right back to spitting venom on the ensuing “Complacent,” which retightens the screws of Blame Yourself with toxic screams, and the closing “Blame Yourself,” which finds Stone screaming ‘I’m not OK’ over and over again amidst a sea of booming guitars. Blame Yourself is very raw, which might just be one of its truly great characteristics.

Grade: B-

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