CD Review: Another Lost Year – “Alien Architect” (Mirage M'hal Records)

There’s a lot going on throughout Another Lost Year’s Alien Architect – there’s plenty of different rock looks and more tempo changes than you can shake a stick at. “Intro,” which features a speech from Newsroom’s Will McAvoy on why he thinks America is no longer great, serves a purpose in gearing up listeners for what’s to come on Alien Architect; “Wolves” is a crushing example of the bands honed Breaking Benjamin-meets-Shinedown sound – crunchy riffs, massive hooks and dynamic vocals courtesy of frontman Clinton Cunanan, which bleeds into “Bastard Sons” and “Trigger Finger,” two of Alien Architect’s better offerings. Elsewhere, “Run The Tank Out” is a bit too much Saving Abel/Nickelback-esque for its own good, the album’s ballads are hit or miss, as the generic “Best Is Yet To Come” leaves much to be desired while the emotional and nostalgic “Memories” is one of the best tracks off Alien Architect, “We All Die Alone” ramps things back up after a bit of a lull, while the encouraging closer “Holding On: Letting Go” instill a bit of hope into the mix. While it’s by no means perfect, Alien Architect is a fine rock record.

Grade: C+

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