CD Review: Rare Futures – “This Is Your Brain On Love” (CMG Cerebral Music Group/InTheClouds Records)

Former Taking Back Sunday/Atlas Genius maven Matt Fazzi is back with Rare Futures, formerly Happy Body Slow Brain, which he has now made his full-time venture after spending a number of years on the sidelines. This Is Your Brain On Love, the bands’ latest full length, is a lot of things; it’s inescapably immersive and all-consuming (“The Pressure”), minimalist shoegaze riding upon ambient waves of lo-fi electronica (“Cool My Mind/Reverie”) and synthesizer-laden late 70’s prog-rock (“Hope”). The surprisingly upbeat (and quite Armor For Sleep-esque) “This Is Your Future (Lost In a Black Hole)” is a welcomed departure from the rest of This Is Your Brain On Love’s machinations and a needed change of pace eight songs in, before the refreshing “Your Past” follows suit in similar fashion. All that being said, This Is Your Brain On Love is an undertaking. It can be easy to fall into the sonic quicksand as songs bleed into one another. So, just be forewarned, and make sure you keep your place.

Grade: B-

Go Download: “The Pressure”